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Electric Trombone DJAbleton Solo Artist

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Live DJ Remix of Originals & Covers via Ableton Live Looping
• Electric Trombone • Virtual Synths
• Vocoder • iPad Lemur App

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The latest Darren Kramer project is called Beyond The Boneyard:
A groundbreaking new cd and live solo performance innovation
that pushes the boundaries of the typical trombone stereotype and that of the traditional DJ.
This one-of-a-kind “Electric Trombone DJ” creatively blends live performance with DJ remix artistry. A fresh mix of jazz and beats dominate Kramer’s electro-acoustic originals which primarily feature the trombone – both electric and acoustic – with a stunning array of new sounds and cutting-edge performance techniques. Live shows also feature popular covers by artists such as Sting, Prince, Beyonce, Bjork, (and even Metallica!) being creatively remixed in realtime via Ableton Live and the iPad Lemur App by spontaneously looping live electric trombone, virtual synths, and vocoder over the tracks. Furthermore, this unique performance is often enhanced with spectacular visuals manipulated in realtime by utilizing the latest VJ software to combine Kramer’s world-class photography and original video with live camera feeds for a truly stunning interactive audio/visual experience.  

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• Electric Trombone

• Virtual Synths

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• iPad
Lemur App

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• Vocoder

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