Thank You Michael Brecker

Thank You Michael Brecker

Today Jan 13, 2012 marks the 5th anniversary of Michael’s passing. I was in NYC at the IAJE Conference in 2007 when fellow trombonist Robin Eubanks informed me of the extremely sad news. My life was then in a serious state of depression and mourning for several weeks but I was compelled to attend Michael’s memorial on Feb 20, both as a sign of respect for all he had given the world of music and to help close a chapter in my musical life. I still think of Michael often and continue to be inspired by his genius ability to combine technique, technology and emotion...both on Tenor and EWI. Something I strive to achieve daily with this electric trombone project of mine. I can only imagine what Michael would be doing today with all of these recent advances in technology. It is with deep gratitude and respect that I chose to release this long-awaited project “Beyond The Boneyard” on this day, with the title of the single “Heavy Metal Paperclip” paying homage to one of the best CDs ever...”Heavy Metal Be-Bop”.

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Introducing DJ DKO "Heavy Metal Paperclip"

"Heavy Metal Paperclip"
The first single from
the upcoming CD
"Beyond The Boneyard"
Released TODAY
Friday The 13th!

Heavy Metal Paperclip - Single - DJ DKO

I’m very excited to announce the long-awaited release of my first single “Heavy Metal Paperclip”. My electric trombone solo project “Beyond The Boneyard” is finally nearing completion and I will be releasing several more singles in the coming weeks. Please check back often or join the mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter. Thanks for listening!