DJ DKO Easily Provides ALL LIVE & RECORDED MUSIC for Unique Wedding Requests!

Congratulations to Christian & Tasia Jones for a spectacular - and unique - wedding event Oct 10, 2015 in Denver!

As a highly experienced and educated professional musician, even these somewhat rare and diverse music requirements for a recent wedding ceremony and reception were no problem for DJ DKO (aka Darren Kramer):

1. CEREMONY: DKO Brass Quintet playing Classical & Jazz for Outdoor Ceremony in Curtis Park
2. MARCH TO RECEPTION: New Orleans Jazz Street March from Ceremony to Reception at Savoy (3 Blocks Away)
3. COCKTAILS & DINNER: DJ DKO playing LIVE Trombone & Keyboards over Jazz, Oldies & Soft R&B
4. DANCING: DJ DKO Electric Trombone DJ with special guest Bob Rebholz on Sax!!
...Great time was had by all and wish we could do it all again!


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DJ DKO Live Electric Trio @ Jazz at Jacks Nov 20

DJ DKO Electric Trio J@J

DJ DKO : Live Electric Trio

Nov 20, Friday 
Happy Hour
No Cover

Darren Kramer - DJ, Electric Trombone, Keyboards, Vocoder
Chris Malley - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Jose Espino - Percussion

Playing LIVE Over Popular Recordings!

• Modern DJ using MacBook Pro, Ableton Live, Traktor Pro, iPad Lemur App 
• Live Remix of Covers and/or Originals
• Live Performance of World-Class Trombone, Guitar & Percussion
• Live Looping & Improvisation Make Each Performance Unique & Exciting!
• State-of-the-Art Sound & Lights


DJ DKO EP “Beyond The Boneyard” on iTunes

World’s Most Versatile DJ?

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.37.26 AM

Experienced Live Musician + Innovative DJ Rig = World’s Most Versatile DJ?

Of course, this is a very subjective debate and an impossible title to award, but Electric Trombone DJ (aka Darren Kramer) should most certainly be in the running and on the ballot! Just check out these unique and diverse skills:

Now Booking for Clubs, Festivals, Holiday Parties, House Parties, Corporate Events & Weddings
Top 40•Pop•Dance•HipHop•OldSchoolFunk•R&B•Soul•Latin•Salsa•Jazz•Swing•Seasonal
Specializing in ElectroFunk • Breakbeat • Glitch • Downtempo • Chillout • NuJazz

• Live Remix of Covers and/or Originals
• Live Performance of World-Class Trombone (w or w/o EFX), Keyboards & Vocals
• Live Looping & Improvisation Make Each Performance Unique & Exciting!
• “Guest Artists” Available as
DJ DKO Duo (plus full DKO 7-10pc Horn Band also available if desired)
• Quick Load In/Set Up in 30 Min with Minimal Sound Check
• Simple 2 XLR Audio Feed to House Sound System
• State-of-the-Art Sound & Lights (available upon request)
• Can Emcee Entire Event (if desired)
• Can Play Any Track, Style or Genre
• Can Play Any Volume

1 (4)

DJ DKO Cross Section Graph

Live Performance Innovation of the New DJ Generation!
DJ DKO - Electric Trombone DJ - creates remixes on the fly by playing and looping live electric trombone and keyboards over tracks of his own (1 DJ DKO EP on iTunes and 4 DKO Band CDs on iTunes) and those of his favorite artists. He is pushing the boundaries of the traditional DJ by incorporating quality live performance and using an iPad as his controller. He is not a house or techno DJ that simply pushes buttons on a laptop, and he does not use turntables. He's a professional freelance musician with 30 years of extensive experience as a performer, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer, and producer of many styles from classical to jazz to funk to salsa to electronic.

DJ DKO (aka Darren Kramer) has been a professional musician for 30 years working as a full-time freelance trombonist, pianist, composer, arranger, producer, and educator throughout the globe. He has toured internationally with Matchbox Twenty, Tom Jones, and Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and has recorded with artists such as Michael Brecker, Eric Marienthal, and Jerry Hey. Kramer is an Edwards Performing Artist, pBone Consultant and is the founder of his own music company – DKO The Darren Kramer Organization – whose inspiring concerts, educational clinics, exceptional CDs, and numerous arrangements have helped modernize the trombone and expand its role in contemporary music. In addition, Kramer has now created a new niche for himself as an Electric Trombone DJ – DJ DKO – and his latest project “Beyond The Boneyard” is a groundbreaking new cd and live performance cutting-edge innovation that pushes the boundaries of the typical trombone stereotype and that of the traditional DJ. Kramer is now focused on embracing new technology for this solo DJ project and fulfilling his role as CEO of TheGigEasy, a company he co-founded in 2010 for musicians in order to simplify the transition to tablet computers by providing complete music solutions for iPad. Moreover, in fall of 2015, Kramer will provide Live Online Lessons to trombonists and iPad musicians worldwide, as he predicts this to be the new education paradigm.
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Electrify Your Event!

I'm SO excited to share this new promo video with you all. Contact DJ DKO if you require the best in live and recorded music for your next event.

Electrify Your Event Now!
Live Performance Innovation of the New DJ Generation!
Top 40•Pop•Dance•HipHop•OldSchoolFunk•R&B•Soul•Latin•Salsa•Jazz•Swing•Seasonal
Now Booking for Clubs, Festivals, Holiday Parties, House Parties, Corporate Events & Weddings

World’s Most Versatile DJ?
• Live Remix of Covers and/or Originals
• Live Performance of World-Class Trombone (w or w/o EFX), Keyboards & Vocals
• Live Looping & Improvisation Make Each Performance Unique & Exciting!
• “Guest Artists” Available as
DJ DKO Duo (plus full DKO 7-10pc Horn Band also available if desired)
• Quick Load In/Set Up in 30 Min with Minimal Sound Check
• Simple 2 XLR Audio Feed to House Sound System
• State-of-the-Art Sound & Lights (available upon request)
• Can Emcee Entire Event (if desired)
• Can Play Any Track, Style or Genre
• Can Play Any Volume

Watt? New Exciting Electro Music Show in Boulder Aug 23

We’re all very excited about this new electronic music series starting at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO!
Come out and see the mindblowing debut event for a special price of only $10.

Buy Tix Here

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 11.43.47 AM

Darren Kramer to Present pBone Clinic at ITF 2013

Darren Kramer to Present pBone Clinic at ITF 2013

“Beyond The Boneyard:
pBone w/ Electronic Effects
Sat June 29 @ 10am
Trade Center #103 

• Live Solo Performance on an exciting new pBone product, previously unseen!
• Simple Steps for Using Beginner to Advanced Audio Effects with pBone using iPhone/iPad Apps
• DJ Remix of Originals & Covers via Ableton Live Looping
• TheGigEasy Complete Music Solutions for iPad
• Audience Participation - Bring Your Small Bore Mouthpiece!

Visit Darren at
TheGigEasy Booth to learn more about this new technology!

International Trombone Festival 2013
Columbus, GA

Live Radio Interview Fri Dec 7 on

“Beyond The Boneyard” CD release event is in just a few days 12.12.12!

Darren Kramer Live Radio Interview
TODAY Fri Dec 7 @ 3:20pm MST

with Erik Troe "Afternoon Jazz" on 89.3 FM KUVO. We'll be spinning a couple tunes from new "Beyond The Boneyard" disc and discussing the unique CD release event at Gates Planetarium next Wed 12.12.12.


Buy Tickets Now!

Read “Modulate This!” Blog

New Single "Sarcophagus" Released 10.31.12

Electric Trombone DJ, Darren Kramer (aka DJ DKO), has released “Sarcophagus
The second single from the upcoming CD "Beyond The Boneyard".
Watch The Video!
DJ DKO Sarcophagus Single Cover copy
Middle-Eastern Electronic Funk feat. Electric Trombone
Available Now for Download on iTunes & CD Baby!

Live DJ Performance for CD Release 12.12.12
Special Multimedia Event at Gates Planetarium
Denver, CO
Buy Tix Now!

The few photos used in the video are from Darren's visit to Cairo & The Pyramids of Giza back in 1997. (Yes, that's actually Darren’s trombone being held by a willing local man, as well as Darren playing trombone on the back of a camel!)
dk bone01_2_2dk bone_2

This new solo project "Beyond The Boneyard" is a cutting-edge live performance innovation that pushes the boundaries of the typical trombone stereotype as well as that of the traditional DJ. Kramer (aka DJ DKO) performs an inspiring live DJ remix of originals and covers via Ableton Live looping with electric trombone, virtual synths, vocoder, and the iPad Lemur App! Furthermore, this unique project is enhanced with spectacular visuals created in realtime by utilizing the latest VJ software to combine Kramer's world-class photography and original video with live camera feeds for a truly stunning interactive audio/visual experience. Due to its technological sophistication, "Beyond The Boneyard" is also being taught by Kramer as a popular media arts presentation and workshop in schools throughout the country.

"Beyond The Boneyard' CD Release Performance Event!

Special Announcement
Beyond The Boneyard
CD Release Performance Event

$25 General Admission
$40 Couples
Gates Planetarium
Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Eventbrite - DJ DKO "Beyond The Boneyard" CD Release Performance Event

"A MUST see! This is truly a unique live performance innovation
and cutting-edge multimedia event."

"Like nothing you've ever seen or heard before. A stunning audio visual experience 30 years in the making!"
Screen shot Beyond The Boneyard

Ticket Price Includes:
• Event Program
• Commemorative Gift Bag
• Autographed Hard Copy of the New CD!

6:30pm Cocktails
7:30pm Show
8:30pm Free Giveaway Drawing
8:45pm Reception / Meet & Greet with DJ DKO

Live Solo Performance & DJ Remix of Originals & Covers
• Ableton Live Looping
• Electric Trombone • Virtual Synths
• Vocoder • iPad Instruments & Controller
• Original Photography & Video
• Real-Time Visualizations on the Planetarium Dome

Free Giveaway Drawing!
All Tickets are Automatically Entered to Win:

• Mic Stand Side Mount for iPad 2&3 by TheGigEasy ($89)
• Exclusive T-Shirt by TheGigEasy ($20)
• DKO CD "Electric Quartet"
• DKO CD "In The Now"
• DKO CD "Quench!"
• DKO CD "DKO" ($12.97)

You will be emailed a PDF of your ticket within minutes after purchase.
Print and Bring the Ticket to the WEST Entrance for Admission!
A physical ticket is required for event admission,
eligibility for the free drawing, and claiming your gift bag after the show.

This is a Special Event
Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at Gates Planetarium
Located Inside the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205
No Tickets will be sold at the museum OR at the door!

Tickets Available ONLINE ONLY!
Limited Seating • One Show Only
For more info please call 303.478.5302

Eventbrite - DJ DKO "Beyond The Boneyard" CD Release Performance Event

Performance / iPad Workshop in NM!

Hello All,

As some of you know, I am the co-founder of “TheGigEasy” with my good friend and colleague Brian Monroney. We provide complete music solutions for iPad and started the company in 2010 in order to help transform the way musicians work and play. I’ve done many music technology clinics at schools regarding my electric trombone setup, and now with my transition to the new Lemur App on the iPad, I am now integrating both of my businesses into a new performance masterclass around the country with Brian. Please contact either of us to schedule this innovative and informative workshop at your school or venue!

TheGigEasy iPad Performance Workshop
“Complete Music Solutions for iPad”

60-90 min clinic involving a Performance and Demo/Q&A to showcase "Complete Music Solutions for iPad":

PDF Music Reader:  "TheGigEasy", "OnSong", "unrealBook", "ForScore" “Music Notes” “TelePrompt+”
• Controller:  "Lemur" and "TouchAble" Apps....controllers of Ableton Live, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Propellerhead Reason, Prosoniq Orange Vocoder
Sound Source/EFX Processor:  Agile Partners "AmpKit", “AniMoog”, NI “iMachine”
• Misc Apps - Tuner, Metronome, V-Control Pro, DP Remote, AC7 Pro, Scorch, GarageBand

TheGigEasy Mounting Solutions: Mic Stand, Side Mount Ext Arm, Other Mounts
• AirTurn Bluetooth Pedalboard:  Wireless Hands Free Page Turner 

Live Performance and Demo
• Hands-On Session with 4 iPads running various apps
Product for Sale Onsite: Mounts / AirTurn / CDs

New Video by Request!

Currently I’ve released two videos on my website, Vimeo and YouTube....The first single “Heavy Metal Paperclip” and “What is an Electric Trombone DJ?”. The latter is a descriptive account of what hardware and software I’m using for my solo live looping project “Beyond The Boneyard”. I’ve had several inquiries over the past two weeks about the name of the song which accompanies the flow chart text in the video, and if a full-screen version of the small video embedded is available.

Yes! The song is called “Lemur Femur” and is a single scheduled for release in April, but I’m happily adding the video to the website today. Enjoy!

Incidentally, in coming weeks I will be uploading a few more videos that feature the JazzMutant Lemur hardware multitouch controller as I used in this video. I relied on this magical device heavily from 2009-2011 to control Ableton Live on my MacBook Pro. However, due to the popularity, versatility, size and affordable cost of the Apple iPad, JazzMutant went out of business on Dec 31, 2010. A sad day indeed as this company and its touchscreen technology were clearly years ahead of their time, as the Lemur was quickly adopted by innovative electronic musicians around the world, most notably Bjork. Thankfully, several of the incredible developers have converted the technology into the amazing “Lemur App” which launched on the App Store Dec 7, 2012 for a remarkably low price of $50! ($25 for hardware owners). All my hardware templates were easily imported, and all objects, devices, manual and Lemur Daemon function exactly as before...all on the tiny 6”x9” razor thin iPad2!
Thank you JazzMutant for your innovation and a special thank you to all the software developers who made this new app available...and affordable...for all!

My New Compact Setup (Using the iPad on a Crane Stand with TheGigEasy iPad Mount)

The Word for "Paperclip" is "Trombone"!

The French Word for “Paperclip” is “Trombone”

Article from “Today I Found Out...”

The French word for “paperclip” is “trombone”.
The word trombone originally comes from the Italian “tromba”, which comes from the same Latin word, “tromba”, both retaining the same meaning: trumpet.  In this case, the ending with the added “one” (tromb-one), indicates “large”.  So, essentially, trombone means “large trumpet”.  This has been the name of the instrument in Italy likely since its creation, which is probably around the early 15th century.
During its early history, in English, the trombone was known as the “sackbut”, with slight spelling variations including: sacbutte, sagbut, and shagbolt, among others.  This was the case until around the 18th century when the instrument became known as a trombone in English.  This was largely due to the fact that the trombone had fallen out of favor in much of the world, including England, but was brought back into popularity thanks to the influence of Italian music throughout Europe.  During this era, the trombone combined with the cornetto and the organ to be among the most important instruments in polychoral works.
“Clip”, on the other hand, comes from the Old English “clyppan” meaning: to embrace.  Obviously this, combined with “paper” from the Latin “papyrus” (made from papyrus stalks), gave birth to the word paperclip.
Interestingly, the common style of paperclip today was never patented and is known as the “Gem paperclip”.  Not surprisingly, it is thought to have first been manufactured by the Gem Manufacturing Company around the 1870s and later introduced to the United States around the 1890s.  This is also why the Swedish word for paperclip is “gem”.
One very popular false origin of the paperclip was that it was invented by Norwegian patent office manager, Johan Vaaler.  He was even granted patents in Germany and the U.S. for a paperclip of similar design as the Gem style paperclip, but which came after the Gem paperclip was already popular throughout Europe.  His design was slightly different than the Gem paperclip in that it didn’t include the all too critical second loop that makes the Gem style much more functional.  His paperclip had the papers inserted by lifting the outer wire slightly and pushing the papers into the clip such that the rest of the clip stood out from the paper at a 90 degree angle, which was necessary because of the lack of the critical second loop to allow the papers to be more or less embedded in the clip flatly.  This also made it so the papers wouldn’t be held together very well as they relied only on how bendable the wire used was to hold the papers. The Gem style paperclip, on the other hand, exploits the torsion principle to help bind papers together. Vaaler’s design was never manufactured or sold and his patents eventually expired.
Why Vaaler gets the credit in so many places, including in many encyclopedias and dictionaries after the 1950s, is largely thanks to a patent agency worker who was visiting Germany to register Norwegian patents in the 1920s.  When he was doing so, he noticed Vaaler’s design for the paperclip and wrote an article stating Vaaler was the original creator of the paperclip.
This misinformation found its way into encyclopedias around the 1950s thanks to WWII.  During WWII in Norway particularly, along with France and some other occupied countries, the paperclip became a symbol of unity for those rebelling against the Germans.  It is not thought that the Norwegians did this because they thought a Norwegian had invented the paperclip, but rather because it simply signified being bound together and was useful as it wasn’t initially a banned symbol or item by the Germans and could be easily clipped to one’s clothing.  Eventually, the Germans caught on and people were prohibited from wearing paperclips.
After the war, the fact that the Gem style paperclip had served as a symbol of unity resulted in interest in the origin of the paperclip, at which point the article written by the patent agency worker and the subsequent patent by Vaaler, who was now long dead, was discovered.  It was overlooked, of course, that his design was different than the Gem style paperclip and apparently they didn’t bother checking that the Gem style paperclip had already been around by the time Vaaler patented his version of the paperclip.  It made a good story though, particularly after the war and how the paperclip was used in Norway among other places, and so this false origin subsequently found its way into many encyclopedias.

Modulate This!

Pasted Graphic

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Introducing DJ DKO "Heavy Metal Paperclip"

"Heavy Metal Paperclip"
The first single from
the upcoming CD
"Beyond The Boneyard"
Released TODAY
Friday The 13th!

Heavy Metal Paperclip - Single - DJ DKO

I’m very excited to announce the long-awaited release of my first single “Heavy Metal Paperclip”. My electric trombone solo project “Beyond The Boneyard” is finally nearing completion and I will be releasing several more singles in the coming weeks. Please check back often or join the mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter. Thanks for listening!