Best DJ in the World

World’s Most Versatile DJ?

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Experienced Live Musician + Innovative DJ Rig = World’s Most Versatile DJ?

Of course, this is a very subjective debate and an impossible title to award, but Electric Trombone DJ (aka Darren Kramer) should most certainly be in the running and on the ballot! Just check out these unique and diverse skills:

Now Booking for Clubs, Festivals, Holiday Parties, House Parties, Corporate Events & Weddings
Top 40•Pop•Dance•HipHop•OldSchoolFunk•R&B•Soul•Latin•Salsa•Jazz•Swing•Seasonal
Specializing in ElectroFunk • Breakbeat • Glitch • Downtempo • Chillout • NuJazz

• Live Remix of Covers and/or Originals
• Live Performance of World-Class Trombone (w or w/o EFX), Keyboards & Vocals
• Live Looping & Improvisation Make Each Performance Unique & Exciting!
• “Guest Artists” Available as
DJ DKO Duo (plus full DKO 7-10pc Horn Band also available if desired)
• Quick Load In/Set Up in 30 Min with Minimal Sound Check
• Simple 2 XLR Audio Feed to House Sound System
• State-of-the-Art Sound & Lights (available upon request)
• Can Emcee Entire Event (if desired)
• Can Play Any Track, Style or Genre
• Can Play Any Volume

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Live Performance Innovation of the New DJ Generation!
DJ DKO - Electric Trombone DJ - creates remixes on the fly by playing and looping live electric trombone and keyboards over tracks of his own (1 DJ DKO EP on iTunes and 4 DKO Band CDs on iTunes) and those of his favorite artists. He is pushing the boundaries of the traditional DJ by incorporating quality live performance and using an iPad as his controller. He is not a house or techno DJ that simply pushes buttons on a laptop, and he does not use turntables. He's a professional freelance musician with 30 years of extensive experience as a performer, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer, and producer of many styles from classical to jazz to funk to salsa to electronic.

DJ DKO (aka Darren Kramer) has been a professional musician for 30 years working as a full-time freelance trombonist, pianist, composer, arranger, producer, and educator throughout the globe. He has toured internationally with Matchbox Twenty, Tom Jones, and Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and has recorded with artists such as Michael Brecker, Eric Marienthal, and Jerry Hey. Kramer is an Edwards Performing Artist, pBone Consultant and is the founder of his own music company – DKO The Darren Kramer Organization – whose inspiring concerts, educational clinics, exceptional CDs, and numerous arrangements have helped modernize the trombone and expand its role in contemporary music. In addition, Kramer has now created a new niche for himself as an Electric Trombone DJ – DJ DKO – and his latest project “Beyond The Boneyard” is a groundbreaking new cd and live performance cutting-edge innovation that pushes the boundaries of the typical trombone stereotype and that of the traditional DJ. Kramer is now focused on embracing new technology for this solo DJ project and fulfilling his role as CEO of TheGigEasy, a company he co-founded in 2010 for musicians in order to simplify the transition to tablet computers by providing complete music solutions for iPad. Moreover, in fall of 2015, Kramer will provide Live Online Lessons to trombonists and iPad musicians worldwide, as he predicts this to be the new education paradigm.
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