DJ DKO Easily Provides ALL LIVE & RECORDED MUSIC for Unique Wedding Requests!

Congratulations to Christian & Tasia Jones for a spectacular - and unique - wedding event Oct 10, 2015 in Denver!

As a highly experienced and educated professional musician, even these somewhat rare and diverse music requirements for a recent wedding ceremony and reception were no problem for DJ DKO (aka Darren Kramer):

1. CEREMONY: DKO Brass Quintet playing Classical & Jazz for Outdoor Ceremony in Curtis Park
2. MARCH TO RECEPTION: New Orleans Jazz Street March from Ceremony to Reception at Savoy (3 Blocks Away)
3. COCKTAILS & DINNER: DJ DKO playing LIVE Trombone & Keyboards over Jazz, Oldies & Soft R&B
4. DANCING: DJ DKO Electric Trombone DJ with special guest Bob Rebholz on Sax!!
...Great time was had by all and wish we could do it all again!


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